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Learn more about biomarker testing in NSCLC


Separating fact from fiction in testing


Fact or Fiction

Separate fact from fiction with this investigative deep-dive into mutation testing


Broad molecular profiling


The importance of comprehensive biomarker testing

Learn about the prognosis of NSCLC, the prevalence of actionable biomarkers, and guideline recommendations for testing.


Broadening the Understanding of Liquid Biopsies (BULB)


Liquid biopsy is not yet recommended as a replacement for tissue biopsy, and retesting using tissue biopsy is recommended if a liquid biopsy test result is negative.1


Role of the pathologist in liquid biopsy

Join Michelle Shiller, DO, and Jennifer J.D. Morrissette, PhD, as they discuss the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach for liquid biopsy.



NGS with liquid biopsy

Watch Michelle Shiller, DO, and Jennifer J.D. Morrissette, PhD, explore the benefits of and potential approaches to next-generation sequencing (NGS).



Reading an NGS report

Explore important considerations for reading and interpreting an NGS report.



Liquid biopsy FDA approvals

Discover the different types of FDA approvals for liquid biopsy tests and what they mean for your practice.



When to use liquid biopsy

Find out when liquid biopsy may be an appropriate option for your patients.



What is liquid biopsy?

Learn about ctDNA and cfDNA and the roles they play in liquid-based biomarker testing.



How to perform liquid biopsy

Learn how to obtain and process a sample for liquid biopsy.



Tissue and liquid biopsy concordance

Find out how biopsy choice can affect biomarker test results.



Sensitivity of liquid biopsy

Learn about the accuracy of liquid-based biomarker testing.




cfDNA, circulating free DNA; ctDNA, circulating tumor DNA; mNSCLC, metastatic non-small cell lung cancer.



  1. Rolfo C, Mack PC, Scagliotti GV, et al. J Thorac Oncol. 2018;13(9):1248-1268.

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